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Thank you for your interest in The Concussion Community. Unfortunately, the doors have now closed.

But don't worry, we'll be opening the doors again. 

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It took some effort to heal from my concussion

To learn to love life with my symptoms, to develop confidence within myself and my body, and to finally be able to enjoy life again.

For so many years, I spent my life feeling broken. I felt so lost, stuck, restless, and lonely

Therapy and doctors were incredibly expensive... and if I did find a therapist or doctor, it was hard to find one to connect with or who could help me or even believed my symptoms were real.

My days felt more like surviving than enjoying and I was always looking for a balance between rest and doing things. 

I spent money on different healing practices, life coaches, and solutions for getting out of the dark space of mind I was in.

But most of them were a waste of my money, time, and energy. I ended up frustrated and disappointed 9 out of 10 times.

There were so many opportunities out there that I started to feel overwhelmed and ended up doing nothing.

Thankfully I am feeling much better now and that's why I created The Concussion Community.

It's time to heal your concussion. Together.

This is why The Concussion Community was created. 

You can access the correct knowledge from 84 concussion experts, many healing practices that truly work, and a supportive community at an affordable rate.

You can improve as well on your own timeline. Because healing from a concussion isn't a one-size-fits-all.

Let us save you frustration, overwhelm, and time. Let us help you recover much faster than having to figure out everything by yourself. 

Your membership includes dozens of classes on different topics, monthly live coaching lessons, courses, access to a list of specialists per region, a library, and a supportive community of concussion survivors to connect with along the way.

Everything I wish I had in my recovery, all in one place.

Because of this community, we were able to help over 700+ concussion survivors (and still counting!):

What's included?

✔️ 160 Classes created by concussion experts 

Get more clarity about how to move forward, so you can be sure that you're on the right track. All contact details are shared below the classes so you can contact all hosts in case you have any questions or if you need more help.

A new class will be added to the library of classes every week, watch them at your own pace. Or already dive into the existing classes that are available.

Topics include things like: Reducing your headaches and fatigue, getting more energy, emotional support, dealing with setbacks/preventing them, changing your mindset into a healing state, improving your sleep, getting back to exercise, learning more about alternative therapies, reducing your stress and anxiety, control your hormones, returning back to work, getting back control over your body, getting the right nutrition & more!

✔️ 12 (mini) courses created by concussion experts

Our courses offer guidance and support on nutrition, coaching, anxiety, exercise, foggy memory, sleep, planning and pacing, returning back to work/school, yoga, breathing, and meditation.

Before you know it, you will feel better and are able to return to the activities.

✔️ Monthly Q&A podcast by Silvie - Ask me anything!

Every month, there will be a new Q&A podcast. You can ask me anything and I will answer all your questions in this podcast.

✔️ Private community feed to connect with other concussion survivors. 

Do you feel alone on your journey? Please remember that you're never alone in this. In this supportive community, you don't have to be strong or explain your symptoms. Just be yourself in a place with others who get it! A community to lean on and learn from.

Members (and experts) are located all over the world! What I like about that is the availability of treatments and tools in our countries. By sharing this with each other, there will be a number of new opportunities coming your way.

We share our focus points every week on Monday and our celebrations on Friday, it's so uplifting!

✔️ Tools & Resources to help yourself from home

Brain games, exercises, information about nutrition, anxiety, neck stretches, a symptom tracker, and many more!  

✔️ Tips by Topics & Helpful apps, books, podcasts

A place where we share our tips organized by different topics so it's easy to find everything in one place. Add yours to the list as well and learn from the other tips. Together we will get there.

✔️ Short videos from experts or me

In this area, you will find a collection of short videos from concussion experts or videos from me. These can be new videos or helpful fragments from the existing classes.

✔️ List of specialists per region 

This is a list of specialists/doctors/therapists per region who have been helpful. All members can add their recommendations to the list, so it will grow continuously.  

✔️ New exclusive content each week

Extra content will be shared within this community multiple times a week. I share more about my concussion life, my struggles, extra tips, polls, videos, and ask questions. Extra content to help you change your mindset, reduce your symptoms and not lose hope in your recovery. You're not alone in this.

✔️ Accountability, friendship & support

For who is this platform?

This community is for everyone dealing with concussion/TBI symptoms who:

1. Is feeling stuck and feel they are not getting the correct knowledge or recognition from their doctor(s).

2. Has been busy searching for a while to find more information about how to heal their concussion but still does not feel they are moving forward.

3. Feel misunderstood by the people around them, mostly friends and family. People who feel like they are alone in this and have to figure out everything by themselves.

4. Have an open mindset, believe in new changes and opportunities, and know: "Knowledge is power." They are curious to look further than what their own country has to offer.

But above all: It is for every concussion survivor who feels there is more out there, that this isn't it.

Notice a difference within the first month(s)

Based on members' experiences

✔️ You’ll notice step by step that your symptoms are decreasing, making it possible to do more spontaneous things in life.

✔️ You’ll notice that it's healing to hear other people's stories and tips. This makes you feel more connected and less lonely. You will learn more from them than from your own doctor.

✔️ You will have a safe place where you can ask your questions to professionals or others. This makes it possible to finally help yourself from home.

✔️ Your mindset will change, and you’ll realize how much a positive mindset will do for your recovery. As a result, you'll automatically see more positive things in your life and they will come your way. 

✔️ You're not running from appointment to appointment anymore. All help is in one place. This makes you feel less stressed; you will save money, and it will be possible to receive the help sooner, as there are no waiting lists.

✔️ You’ll know how to calm down and be aware of the importance of rest for your brain. You’ll be able to give your brain the rest it needs. Your brain will heal faster. You’ll notice you have more energy, and you're waking up without a headache.

✔️ You’ll feel more empowered by all the provided information that can truly help with your recovery. You’ll be able to return to the activities you wanted to do so badly.

✔️ You know how to prevent (most) setbacks and you know how to deal with them, so they won't last that long anymore. 

✔️ You don't feel isolated anymore, you have people to talk to and you will make new friends who really get how you feel. 

✔️ Your hope and motivation are back. You enjoy the process of healing as you gain more control over it, you feel the first improvements, and, as a result, you get more motivated than ever.

✔️ You will feel much more confident about yourself and what you can do.

Hi! I am Silvie!

Hi! I am Silvie, 31 years old and living in The Netherlands. In May 2017, I had a scooter accident, which caused me whiplash and concussion. That day, I went home after the accident, not knowing I’d just walked into a new life.

Click on the video below to watch my story.

"I was constantly torn between "I can't let this concussion ruin my life" and "I have to listen to my body and rest".

I struggled for years to find the right help and understand what was going on with me. The regular doctors I visited couldn't address my symptoms, so I wasn't getting any help from them. 

I felt misunderstood and lonely during my journey, which is exactly why I created The Concussion Community.

Within this community, we will help you to reduce your symptoms, recover faster, not feel alone and enjoy life again.

I don't want anyone to feel the way I did. My mission is to help them reduce their symptoms, change their mindset, and be able to return to work/ activities via classes, courses, my daily support, and a private community.

"Everything I missed in my journey, all in once place."

What do other people say?

Accessibility First:

We have made all the incredible classes, courses and the community in The Concussion Community available to you at such an affordable rate because we believe that everyone deserves healing. 

There should be no barriers or limitations to healing or having access to amazing concussion experts. 

Please note that this program and private community are designed specifically for people with a concussion/TBI.

Cancellation Policy

Monthly Subscription - $39 USD - Cancel/bills every month
Your monthly subscription will renew automatically. $39 will be deducted from your credit card every month until you cancel. 

3-Month Subscription - $87 USD - Cancel/bills every quarter
Your 3-month subscription will renew automatically. $87 will be deducted from your credit card every month until you cancel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this community for?
This community is for all people dealing with (post) concussion, whiplash or TBI symptoms.

What are the costs to join this community?
Monthly Subscription: $39/m
3-Month Subscription: $87 (=$29/m)

Why should I join this community and not a Facebook group?
Good question! Two primary reasons:

Within this community, you will find way more than just a community feed. There are classes and courses from 84 concussion experts, a monthly Q&A Podcast, a video channel, a library, and many more! Finally, access to the correct knowledge instead of visiting doctors who do not believe you are unable to help.

I get this feedback quite often, and that's why I can say that the community is such a supportive place with lots of positivity. It is an uplifting community. Do you not believe what I am saying?
Read a comment from a member below:

Is it possible to cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time in your billing cycle. You will still have access to the community till the end of that billing cycle.

Is it possible to get a refund when I don't like the community?
Memberships are not eligible for a refund. You can cancel your membership anytime in your billing cycle. What if this community can help you, and you're able to move forward? It's worth the risk, right? And a side note: I’ve never had a refund request since I started in April 2021 ;).

How can I contact the professionals/hosts?
All contact details are shared below the classes, so you can contact all hosts in case you have any questions or need more help.

Can I reach out to you personally on the platform?
Yes, I would love that! You can ask all your questions below the Q&A post or you can always send me a direct message. I will try to respond as soon as possible. Can't wait to hear more from you!

I don't have the money at this moment...
During my journey, I always felt financial stress; sometimes, I even felt that this was holding me back from recovery. How much money have you already spent on doctors, treatments, tools...? What if you go to your doctor, psychologist or another therapist every week and pay $55? What if you don't need that anymore after joining this community? And what if you can make the first steps back to work? How much money will come your way because of joining this community? Wouldn't this all be a reason to try it? You have so much more to gain than to lose right?

I don't have time or energy for this...
How much time and energy do you save if you can stop running from appointment to appointment? Not being sent by your doctor from pillar to post? Or what if you don't need to spend your time planning your day anymore? What if you can live a more spontaneous life? What if you don't need your daily nap anymore because you could improve your sleep? Won’t this all save you time and energy?

Screens are hard for me to handle. What is your advice?
I totally get it. I had a hard time handling screens as well. That's why we try to make your recovery easier. Instead of searching for information yourself, we did this for you. We offer all the knowledge you need to know in classes, courses, and other content. We did our best to make them simple and easy to watch. Tip: You can listen to most of them as well.

I am worried about getting overwhelmed...
Don't! There is a welcome guide, so you will know exactly where to find what's on the platform. It's easy to navigate. All information is combined in easy-to-watch classes, courses, and other content. You can follow everything at your own pace.

What will happen when I join this community? What will I get?
After you sign up you will log in automatically to the platform. The first thing you will see is the activity feed (the place where we share/communicate with each other). I will send you a direct message on the platform as well to give you some guidance about how everything works and where you can find everything. Don't worry about that, it's very easy to use.

You will get immediate access to:
✔️ 160 Classes created by concussion experts
✔️ 12 (mini) courses created by concussion experts (value $1800)
✔️ Private monthly Q&A podcast by Silvie
✔️ Private community feed to connect with others
✔️ Tools and resources to help yourself from home
✔️ Tips by topics + helpful apps, books, podcasts
✔️ Short videos from me/experts
✔️ List of specialists per region
✔️ New exclusive content each week
✔️ Accountability, friendship & support

Are you ready?

You can decide not to join our community right now...Or wait for 3 more months or not join at all.

I know how the human brain works. It is always trying to think of reasons to not do something new. It wants to stay safe where it is right now.

That's totally okay, it's your decision.


What if you join right now, and you save a lot of frustration and energy because you have access to the correct information? Instead of searching everywhere yourself and feeling overwhelmed? Rest is important, your brain will heal faster. 

What if you save yourself from many more months of suffering and you're able to reduce your symptoms sooner? Isn't your life and time the most precious thing?

What if you don't have to prove your symptoms anymore to doctors and other people and finally feel supported and understood? Research has demonstrated the link between social relationships/support and positive healing outcomes.

What if you don't join and miss out on that tip from another survivor that will help you to finally move forward? So you save yourself from months of being sent from pillar to post?

What if you don't have to go every week/month to that doctor/therapist anymore? What if you can return to work sooner? Wouldn't that save you money

You have so much more to gain than to lose, right? And even if it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership any time.

The choice is yours. 💛

Listen to your gut feeling and decide what’s best for you 💛

How can I join? What will happen?

Step 1: Choose your membership option below. 

Step 2: Fill in your details.

Step 3: Finish the payment and that's it! You will log in automatically to the platform of The Concussion Community.

We can't wait to see you inside the community! 💛

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Can't wait for you to join us!

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