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About The Concussion Community

This membership is for concussion survivors looking to dive into new healing possibilities and personal development in a structured and affordable way. If you are looking to heal and reduce your concussion symptoms, work on your mindset and personal development and connect with other survivors to feel less isolated in your recovery, you are in the right place with this all-encompassing program.

Let us save you frustration, overwhelm, and time. 

Let us help you recover much faster than having to figure out everything by yourself. 

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Member benefits

✔️ 160+ On-demand classes by concussion experts so that you finally get access to the correct knowledge to reduce your symptoms.
✔️ 12 (mini) courses created by concussion experts (value $1,800) so you can start feeling like yourself again.
✔️ Q&A post (where I and other members answer your question within 48 hours during weekdays)
✔️ 24/7 support in a private community, connect with others so you're not in this alone anymore.
✔️ Class of the week channel. We highlight one class, comment or ask questions.
✔️ Tools and resources to help yourself from home
✔️ Tips by topics + helpful apps, books, podcasts
✔️ Questions answered by members (add comments & learn from others)
✔️ Audio/sound/video library
✔️ Short videos from me/experts so you don't get overwhelmed.
✔️ List of specialists per region so you finally find a specialist that's close to your home.
✔️ New exclusive content each week to support, help and motivate you.
✔️ Accountability, friendship & support. You don't need to do this alone.

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